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Digital Radiographs
The future of x-rays is HERE! The digital radiography system we use at Island Dental is truly state-of-the-art. The greatest benefit of this system is that it reduces radiation up to 80% per exposure! In researching this amazing x-ray system, we discovered that one digital dental x-ray is approximately equal in radiation/risk to eating 2 bananas or spending 10 minutes in an airplane at 24,000 feet, yet that's not the full benefit it delivers for our patients. The system contains multiple "tools" that allows Dr. Lepenven to diagnose cavities at a very early or 'incipient' stage. This often correlates to the ability to repair these small cavities painlessly without anesthetic! shot! This incredible technology allows Island Dental to fulfill one of its primary responsibilities to our patients...delivering the best cutting edge and most conservative treatment. Please feel free to call our office and discuss even more benefits Digital Radiographs deliver to our patients.

We start by making a tray to custom fit your teeth to which a safe whitening agent will be applied. You can wear the trays anywhere from 30-90 minutes a day depending on the solution you and Dr. Lepenven find most suitable for you. Most of our patients notice results within a few applications.

This cosmetic procedure involves bonding a thin layer of porcelain onto the tooth's surface. Veneers are very effective and can make teeth look whiter, more evenly spaced and straighter, often in just only two sessions. This process is most commonly used to fill the spaces between teeth and to repair cracked or stained teeth.

A composite resin, the color of natural tooth structure, can be used to get rid of or diminish gaps by repairing tooth fissures or chips. It is also used to fill cavities while maintaining a more natural look than traditional fillings.

Bridges play an important role in protecting not only the balance of your bite and chewing motion, but also the completeness of your facial features. Bridges easily restore the balance of the mouth, while typically making it look and feel as natural as your own teeth.

Cosmetic Fillings:
In addition to the traditional amalgam or metal fillings, we offer composite, tooth colored, restorations, which provide a more natural looking dentition. Early detection is the best way to prevent cavities, and composite restorations enable minimum tooth preparation when restoring decayed or fractured tooth structure. Health care in general as well as dental care is focusing more and more on prevention in recent times. Within dentistry we call this "minimally invasive" treatment. Often, this approach allows us to restore teeth without the need for uncomfortable anesthetic injections.

Endodontic Treatment
Root canal treatment is needed when the soft tissue inside a tooth, known as the pulp, is either inflamed or completely dead. The pulp is a tissue made up of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. The purpose of this treatment is to remove bacteria, or the inflamed tissue inside the root canal, which allows the surrounding tissues to heal properly.

      What are some of the symptoms that indicate that I may need root canal therapy?

  • Moderate pain that leads to severe lingering toothache when having hot or cold foods.
  • Toothache pain so extreme that it wakes you up at night.
  • Pain when biting or chewing.
  • Swelling of gums which when pressed on may release blood or pus.
  • Pain that starts in one tooth and then spreads out to other regions of your jaw or even head. For example, an infected lower back tooth, known as a molar, may cause you to feel pain in the ear.

* However, sometimes there may be no symptoms at all. If under normal circumstances and properly performed, a root-canal-treated tooth can last you a lifetime. We provide root canal therapy for most anterior teeth, and we have a compassionate referral network for more extensive root canal cases.

All patients need to have a full periodontal examination done and have a complete record of their periodontal status in their personal dental chart. This may be the only way to ensure that periodontal disease is properly detected; it provides a way to identify changes in the beginning of your periodontal status, which will benefit patients by initiating simple, less invasive and early treatments.


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